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From Algis Rudys <>
Subject Mechanism for stopping individual Tomcat webapps/contexts
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 06:17:37 GMT
Greetings -- 

As a part of my research, I have developed a mechanism for terminating
individual Tomcat webapps (at the context level).  We called it Soft
Termination, and you can read about here: 

I'm trying to gauge whether there is any interest in an implementation
of such functionality.  In particular, do you think such a system would
be appropriate for inclusion into Tomcat or some subsystem of Tomcat. 
If you want to see what it looks like, I have an implementation
available at:

The distribution includes some documentation and patch files for Tomcat
4.1.18 and 4.1.24.  The patch files, in addition to modifying Tomcat for
soft termination, generate some example servlets and JSP files with
intentional infinite loops that cannot be broken using other available

The code is distributed under a BSD-style license. 

I'm open to any suggestions anyone has. 

Algis Rudys

         Algis Rudys        Rice University        Computer Science
"Heart has nothing to do with it anymore. It's all in the caffeine."
 -- Frank Pembleton, _Homicide_

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