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From Brian Olsen <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Change getSession() in org.apache.catalina.Session from HttpSession to a more general interface (enhancement request 21169)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:17:14 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Bill Barker wrote:
>> Like Remy, I'm -0 on the patch.  As I read Remy's post, this means that
>> neither of us will actually veto it if some other developer decides to 
>> post
>> it.  However, neither of us consider it to be a-good-idea, so we will be
>> looking for implementation holes to veto ;-).
>> The internal Catalina API (e.g. org.apache.catalina.*) is pretty stable.
>> There are no current plans to change it.
> It's not that I do think it's a bad idea, it's just I think there are 
> other problems. I would be willing to consider including the patch (but 
> I need to look into possible side effects first).
What could those side effects be???

> Note: We're talking about 5.0.x here, I think. -1 for inclusion in 4.1.x.
I never thought for it to be in 4.1.x, and the patch is also based on 
the catalina CVS HEAD yesterday.

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