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From Carlos Rodríguez Colino <>
Subject decrease idle threads in the pool faster... (II)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:21:03 GMT

	Hi everybody

	I have been searching previous mails about killing idle threads, and I
found lots of them describing the same problem (lots of requests carry
out new threads that never are released, so, in a long-term, max number
of proccesses is reached and Tomcat stops). Some surprising answers were
such as:

	"Yes, no attempt is being made at killing processing threads that
were 			created. OTOH, they should be reused if some high load situation
	again (no new threads will be created). 
	Unless you're really short on OS resources, I don't see that being a

	Remy"  (12/2001... about TC4.0.1)

	Do you keep thinking the same? It seems to be a serious problem from my
point of view!! Burst of requests increase the number of threads used by
Tomcat (I work nowadays with TC4.1.12), but I think they should be
released later on. Must they grow until infinite????? Must I set
maxProcessors to 100000000 for avoiding "Max number of processes
reached"??? :-P A very complex system relies on Tomcat and a lot of
servlets, so I need a solution.

	Some mails, like mine, proposed to dive in the code to change the
management of idle threads and kill them. If there isn't any scheduled
action about this problem, could anybody give me a hint about where to
look in the code?

	Thanks in advance and best regards,


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