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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Renaming /admin and /manager contexts (from user list)
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:13:28 GMT
Jeff Tulley wrote:
> This is a conversation we are having on the users list.  I propose that
> the contexts, "/admin", and "/manager" be renamed to something else, (I
> suggest "/tomcat/admin", and "/tomcat/manager" respectively).  Doing so
> avoids Tomcat being yet another app, which wants to own
> http://(url)/admin
> This is very easily modifiable in Tomcat (one string in admin.xml and
> manager.xml), and I think it should be done.
> Original posts:
> (my email)
> Tomcat ought to do the same, IMO.  You never know who else wants to own
> "http://url/admin", and you do not always have the luxury of renaming
> it.
> /tomcat/admin and /tomcat/manager are more specific, and can easily be
> changed on Tomcat's side.  
> Maybe something to bring up on the developer list.

Sounds reasonable to me.
Maybe all that's needed is updating the paths in the context descriptors 
for both webapps.


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