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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [5.0.3] Tag soon, 5.0 release plan
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:01:15 GMT

I am nearly done with the features I wanted to add for 5.0.3 (and the 
changelog is pretty big), so I plan to tag 5.0.3 at the end of this week 
(friday, but more likely saturday).

I don't know if there are some more major features that people would 
like to see in 5.0.x (if that's the case, please add items to the status 
page in the docs), but as far as I am concerned, 5.0.x is nearly feature 
complete. What's missing is better docs, and lots of tweaks and fixes.

Because of that, I plan to write a release plan for Tomcat 5.0.x, 
outlining a tentative schedule and objective for betas and eventually a 
stable release (which as a reminder won't happen until the new specs are 

Note: the rationale behind the "no final before the specs" is beacause:
- if the specs change and modify a behavior that was introduced in the 
new specs, we'd have to break our API / behavior, which is not really 
- it's a chicken and egg problem: if there's no spec, people will 
(likely) prefer using Tomcat 4.1.x, and so Tomcat 5.0.x wouldn't get 
enough testing to warrant the "stable" label
Given the last point, the best IMO would be to make a "RC"-like release 
when the specs are released, followed a few weeks later by a final.

Comments ?


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