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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [5.0] JARs handling, and other 5.0.3 changes
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 18:04:01 GMT

I plan to try to get rid (as much as I can) of JAR URLs inside the 
Catalina (and Jasper) processing, because of the issues which (still, 
unfortunately :-( ) plague them in the JDK. I will use the fact that all 
the JAR URLs returned by the classloader are actually file based. I hope 
that way I'll be able to get rid of the file locking issues on Windows.

- the servlet context will be modified to return file URLs for JARs (but 
only for JARs) inside /WEB-INF/lib in response to getResource.
- /WEB-INF/classes/** and /WEB-INF/lib/** will be made non cacheable (as 
caching classes is useless by definition).

All that as part of an effort to reduce Tomcat memory footprint (to make 
it more suitable for large scale deployments), and reduce the amount of 
heavyweight objects used (such as file descriptors and threads, the 
latter having been taken care of).

For all those who are at J1, have a good J1 :)


Note: My deployer tweaks are almost done (without much testing), with 
the exception of moving the context descriptors to conf (thanks to Glenn 
for that idea, which will make the feature safer to use in TC 5).

Note 2: I intend to try to resurrect the "tester" suite when that is done.

Note 3: I plan to fix bug 4690 (finally). I have the algorithm on a 
piece of paper (as I didn't like the provided patch behavior).

Note 4: When all that is done, it'll be time for 5.0.3 IMO. As far as I 
am concerned, it will be mostly feature complete. Given the amount of 
stuff I still have to do, I'd give it a two weeks ETA.

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