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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject [5.0] More dependencies
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:35:25 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> - daemon: Home of Mladen's procrun, a very promising exe wrapper for 
> Java programs on Windows; this also contains a Unix wrapper for Java 
> programs; the Unix wrapper could be advertised as "the" recommended 
> solution to run Tomcat on 80 on Unix, and included as source with 
> Tomcat's binary d/l; this component is currently in the sandbox, and 
> would need to be either moved ASAP to commons proper, or be migrated to 
> j-t-c (if thought to be too Tomcat specific to exist in the commons); a 
> RM will be needed [Mladen, Jean-Frederic]

In this email, I forgot to speak about other commons (and others) 
dependencies. Thanks for all the volunteering, BTW, it really helps 
(damn day job ...) :)

commons-collection: No problem.

commons-beanutils: No problem.

commons-launcher: Problem; I think I did release 0.9 with Patrick Luby a 
long time ago, and the component has been dead since. Reviving it and 
putting a websiter up could help, but it's not certain. This piece of 
code was developed for the Sun web services pack 1.0 originally. Does 
anyone use it anymore ? Can it be removed (in favor of native wrappers) 
? I have to admit it was quite nice, so I'd rather not have to remove it.

commons-digester: No problem.

commons-logging: No problem.

commons-pool: No problem.

JMX: I think we should try to ship with JMX 1.2 + a JSR 160 
implementation if possible. I really hope MX4J will be able to provide that.

Tyrex: This project seems dead (unfortunately) :-( We could replace it 
with some other TM, or (I like that one better) not provide an object 
factory implementation for UserTransaction by default, and let third 
parties provide it. That model seems to work great for J2EE providers 
(JOTM, OpenEJB, etc).

Struts: We need 1.1 ! (I think the rest of the world does also :-D)

Watchdog: (to the Sun folks) Where is Watchdog 5 (or whatever it's called) ?


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