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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: [5.0] Commons dependencies
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:01:47 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Tomcat 5.0.x, like many other major Jakarta projects, depends on a lot 
> of stuff from the Commons. Most of those are in a stable state, but a 
> few are either in between two stable releases, or not yet released.
> Here's the list of the components which will need to be released as 
> stable before Tomcat 5.0 gets stable. I'm associating a proposed "owner" 
> for the component, based on past interactions with the components.
> - el: Core JSP 2.0 feature; this is a critical component, and needs to 
> get released simultaneaously with Tomcat 5; I think a RM is needed for 
> that component [Kin-Man, Jan, Craig ?]
> - modeler: Basis for Tomcat 5 JMX features, with a lot of new 
> impressively efficient functionality since release 1.0; again, a 
> critical component [Costin (do you have enough time to continue being 
> the RM of that component ?)]
> - daemon: Home of Mladen's procrun, a very promising exe wrapper for 
> Java programs on Windows; this also contains a Unix wrapper for Java 
> programs; the Unix wrapper could be advertised as "the" recommended 
> solution to run Tomcat on 80 on Unix, and included as source with 
> Tomcat's binary d/l; this component is currently in the sandbox, and 
> would need to be either moved ASAP to commons proper, or be migrated to 
> j-t-c (if thought to be too Tomcat specific to exist in the commons); a 
> RM will be needed [Mladen, Jean-Frederic]

The daemon moved from tomcat to common and now back to tomcat. That does not 
help to advertise the project.

> - dbcp: There are some BZ issues related to DBCP, so if there's a new 
> DBCP release (I've seen some Struts 1.1 related activity), we'll need to 
> include it [Glenn]
> - fileupload: Used by the HTML manager to upload the webapp to be 
> deployed; 1.0 RC 1 is soon to be released, with an API breakage 
> (deprecated method removal between beta releases (TM)); 1.0 is supposed 
> to occur before Struts 1.1 [Glenn]
> I think that's it for now.
> About the daemon Unix wrapper: there was some proprietary interfaces 
> defined in there. It was agreed some time ago to use reflection instead 
> of these interfaces; looking at the native code, the interfaces are 
> still being used. Could that be fixed ?


> Comments ?

Does someone has one example of code using reflection?

> Remy
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