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From Matt Zimmerman <>
Subject Change docBase without losing requests?
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:47:21 GMT
[apologies if this comes through as a duplicate; the list management
software seems to be upset about my envelope From address]

I am working on a web app deployment mechanism based on tomcat.  Tomcat's
deployment options are excellent; I especially appreciate the ability to
deploy a Context with an XML descriptor.

What I need to be able to do is to update the code behind a particular web
app, without losing any requests.  "reload" seems to do an excellent job of
this, but in my case, I have a large number of instances of the same
application sharing code on disk.  To update them, I want to change the
context to point to a new docBase.

Currently, the only way I see to do this within tomcat is by removing the
context and installing a new one in its place.  Of course, with this
approach, there is a window here where requests will return an error, rather
than being queued.

Looking at how reload currently works, it seems like it should be relatively
straightforward to extend tomcat to be able to do this.  But is this the
right approach?  Is there a better plan?

 - mdz

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