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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Build problem: why isn't the version property set in catalina/build.xml
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 11:11:55 GMT
Hi all,

I've today been surprised by a Gump failure for Cactus:

The build fails with the message
   "This element doesn't support version ${version} of Tomcat".

The reason is that our (^= Cactus project) Ant task that supports 
automatic startup of Tomcat checks for the version number in the file in catalina.jar. If it finds no such file, it 
assumes Tomcat 4.0.x, but if it finds the file, it extracts the version 
number from it.

No, for the Gump builds, the version number in was 
set to "${version}", because the property isn't being set in the 
catalina/build.xml. Rather, the build seems to rely on the "user" (or 
call it build engineer, release manager, what you want) to supply the 
version number in his file.

Why isn't the version property simply set in build.xml? i.e. <property 
name="version" value="4.1.25-dev" at the top of the file. If someone 
wanted -- for whatever reason -- to override the version, he could still 
  do so by defining the property on the command-line or in

(I suspect the same is true for Tomcat 5.)

On a related note, why do the MANIFEST files of the Tomcat JARs not 
contain the version? Easy enough with the Ant <manifest> task.


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