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From Brian K Bonner <>
Subject 2 quick questions
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 05:36:03 GMT
I'm new to this mailing list.  I'm trying to get some quick directions 
from the group.

1)  I went to to search for my problem below (#2) and 
found that all of the archives to this mailing list don't allow access. 
Who should I talk to about this? appears to 
have empty todo and faq as well.

2)  I'm seeing this bug:  appear in 4.1.24. 
 It works fine in 4.0.6.  I suspect the problem is in the 
AuthenticatorBase.  Can someone give me some direction as to what might be 
causing this problem so I can patch 4.1.24?  Basically, this really screws 
up the authentication.

Thank you.


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