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Subject Help: Servlet container vs JSP container vs servlet engine vs JSP engine
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 17:23:26 GMT
ok, so I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how it all works.
But then the more different documentation, books and articles I read, the
less sure I get about this one(read subject)

The way I see it:
1. A servlet/and JSP container contains a Servlet and JSP engine.
2. Servlet engine "runs" servlet and JSP engine "runs" JSPs(catalina and
Jasper 2).
3. When a servlet forwards to a different resource such as a JSP, it the
task of the servlet/JSP container help doing this(not the engines).
4. A JSP container can't exist without being a servlet container, but a
servlet container can exist without supporting JSPs(Its a servlet container
or both).
5. A JSP engine could exist without a servlet container and a servlet

The words engine and container is used interchangably all over the place.
The official specs tend to only refer to containers, saying JSP run in the
servlet container(since JSP are really just servlets, although a special
kind). In tomcat documentation cataline is referred to as both the
container and an engine. Is it one or both?? Which is what and what is
where and where is which?!?

Hope someone can shed some light on this

Henrik Bentel

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