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From TJK <>
Subject problem w/ Struts tags in file includes
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 15:14:22 GMT
I'm new to this list, but I'm writing in to inquire if there's a known 
issue regarding the use of Struts taglibs in Tomcat when they're used 
in file includes (<%@ include file...)

I normally do dev work on Resin, but a client wanted to deploy on 
Tomcat, so I moved the application over to the latest version (4.1.24) 
of Tomcat, and got a JSP compile error.  The client is using 4.0.6, 
which also exhibits the same problem.

Further investigation turned up this interesting problem.  It seems to 
only occur with the <html:html> tag.

The jsp page looks sorta like this.

<%@ include file="/taglibs.jsp" %>   // includes all tld declarations
<%@ include file="/header.jsp" %>    // header stuff which includes the 
<html:html> tag

(page contents... w/ struts tags in it)

<%@ include file="/footer.jsp" %>    // footer stuff, which includes 

The above example throws a JSP compile error.  It says it cannot find a 
closing </html:html> element.

After much more messing around, I found out to my surprise that by 
moving both <html:html> tags (both the opening and closing tags) out of 
the header include files and into the actual .jsp file itself, the page 
will compile and render properly.  So it would seem that by using it in 
a include tag, there's something going awry.

I searched all around the mailing lists and Google, and I did find one 
other guy who complained of an simlilar problem, but no reply/solution 
was found.  So I'm asking on this list if anyone has heard of this 
issue before, and has any idea of what a fix or solution could be?

This same webapp works just fine under Resin 2.1.9.  So that is why I 
am asking the tomcat-dev.


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