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From "Filip Hanik" <>
Subject Tomcat throws 302 errors over load - clustering test
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 17:04:02 GMT
hi all,
I recently performed a load test on the clustering solution for tomcat 4.1.x

If my unit test is correct, I received 0 replication errors, however tomcat
keeps throwing 302 errors during overload. For those who are interested all
the stats are below,

Even if I run my test against a single tomcat server, I still receive the
302 errors indicating that this is not a replication error. So in case of a
302 I just resubmit the request once more.

The test WAR and client are available upon request.

Linux Redhat 7.2, 512MB RAM, 800Mhz P3
- 2x Tomcat 4.1.24 (C,D)
- HTTP Loadbalancer

Win XP Home, 512MB RAM, 2.4GHz P4
- 2x Tomcat 4.1.24 (A,B)
- Replication test client

- 100Mbs LAN

- 120 concurrent connections (keep-alive=false)
- Round robin for each request
- 100ms between each consecutive request (each connection sleeps 100ms when
one request is finished)

Client statistics:
Thread count=120
        Average response time=4434ms
        for 600000 requests.
        Nr of replication errors=0
        Nr of 302 errors=18257

Win XP Statistics (server B):
[InMemoryReplicationManager] Replication Statistics
        Messages sent=116292
        Message serialization time=94067ms
        Average serialization time=0.80888623ms
        Average session send  size=1808.64bytes
        Messages received=465114
        Message deserialization time=1816989
        Average deserialization time=3.9065454ms

Linux Statistics (Server D):
[InMemoryReplicationManager] Replication Statistics
        Messages sent=232578
        Message serialization time=625110ms
        Average serialization time=2.6877434ms
        Average session send  size=1803.0104bytes
        Messages received=348859
        Message deserialization time=4482228ms
        Average deserialization time=12.848251ms

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