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From Rickard Öberg <>
Subject Re: Accessing Tomcat in JBoss
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 09:54:50 GMT
Rickard Öberg wrote:
> I'm developing a portlet container using JBoss/Tomcat. To do this I need 
> to be able to access the deployed WAR's, and in order to do this I need 
> to access the Tomcat instance (I think). The question is: how do I do 
> this? The MBean that JBoss exposes for the embedded Tomcat instance does 
> not have any methods to get to the underlying Embedded isntance, and I 
> can't find any other way to do it (statics? JNDI?). If anyone have any 
> idea how to accomplish this I would appreciate it a LOT!

Replying to my own post here... I managed to figure out how to access 
the list of deployed apps from EmbeddedCatalina41.

 From that I have a StandardContext object which represents the WAR file 
that has been deployed, which is great!

There is one more thing that would make it super-nice: is it somehow 
possible to set the parent classloader of the WAR to be the 
WebappClassLoader of another WAR? Specifically, my portlet container is 
a WAR, and it would be great if I could somehow specify that as the 
parent of all deployed portlet apps. I tried calling 
context.setParentClassLoader() but that was not picked up by the 
WebappClassLoader of that app. It seems as though the call was too late.

So, is there any way I can replace the current parent of 
WebappClassLoader (which is a JBoss-loader) with my own loader? That 
would be awesome!


Rickard Öberg

Got blog? I do.

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