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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Tomcat throws 302 errors over load - clustering test
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 18:15:40 GMT
Filip Hanik wrote:
>>Yes I understand perfectly. However, my question should have been
>>interpreted as what component returns the 302 (and why ?). Nothing in
>>Tomcat 5 (AFAIK) returns a 302 (under load or not), so I'm worried.
> this is tomcat 4.1.24, haven't started the load tests with Tomcat 5 yet.

Ok, so what component in 4.1.24 ? Basiclayy, all welcome files are done 
with 302s in TC 4.1, but that's it.
Is it a component failure or not ? In which case, which component ?

>>Well, what is it a redirect to?
> I will find out, currently I need to run some other tests for a client.
>>Ok, maybe. It looks like your LB is too threaded to be efficient, though.
>>Personally, I would like to have a Java LB :)
> once, I have stabilized all my test results, I will just create this LB
> using java.nio and buffers, should be a piece of cake. However, since Java
> doesn't give you the "RAW" option, the load balancer can be super smart, ie
> it cant do round robin between requests on a keep alive connection for
> example
>>Using HTTP/1.0 is not a real world scenario nowdays IMO, and could put
>>the Java program at a disadvantage.
> well, let me correct that, I'm using jakarta-commons-httpclient, with the
> setHttp11(false), otherwise I don't get true round robin since it uses keep
> alive connections, hence I can't test session replication :)

That sounds ok to me :)
Note that you can configure Coyote HTTP/1.1 to disconnect after a 
certain amount of requests (say, 4).


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