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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Tomcat throws 302 errors over load - clustering test
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 17:37:23 GMT
Filip Hanik wrote:
> I'm I am always accessing /mywebapp/index.jsp why should I get 302 the
> requested resource has moved temporarily. And yes, this does only occur when
> you put some load on the servers, because the JSP does not issue a 302
> sendRedirect.

Yes I understand perfectly. However, my question should have been 
interpreted as what component returns the 302 (and why ?). Nothing in 
Tomcat 5 (AFAIK) returns a 302 (under load or not), so I'm worried.

> Since it is a redirect, I don't count this as a error, instead my test
> client submits the exact same request again.

That makes sense.

> Re:Java load balancer,
> this solution is extremely simple, and uses two threads per client socket
> instead of java.nio. When putting a lot of load, the context switching in
> this process is so high that takes forever. the C load balancer simple
> performs better, and I believe it would even if I optimized the Java LB.

Ok, maybe. It looks like your LB is too threaded to be efficient, though.
Personally, I would like to have a Java LB :)

> The test client is running HTTP1.0, ie, a new connection for each request
> hence the LB will redirect to different servers each time, there is no
> stickyness configured what so ever.

Using HTTP/1.0 is not a real world scenario nowdays IMO, and could put 
the Java program at a disadvantage.

> I have also noticed that running Apache/mod_jk in front of Tomcat, causes
> session replication to fail pretty frequently, I will investigate more.


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