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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: why is the manager deploy command disabled...
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 15:09:52 GMT
Johannes Fiala wrote:
> Hi Remy,
> I'm currently using TC 4.1.24 in production, so I'd need the new features 
> with TC 4.1.24. 
> Does the manager app change a lot with TC 5? I'd prefer to write for TC 
> 4.1.24 now (as this satisfies my production need) and then move up to TC 
> 5.
> If you don't want to bundle Axis, the various functions should move out of 
> the ManagerServlet into a separate lib which gets called from Axis or from 
> a servlet. I could do this for TC 4.1.24, as I need this anyway to allow 
> further enhancement.
> If I change something in the original source files, how can I commit these 
> changes back into the main Tomcat application (and ensure they come up to 
> quality expectations of

Yes, I understand. However, I'll have to insist that new developments 
occur in the 5.x branch. They *may* then be ported to 4.1.x on a case by 
case situation, but the actual coding and testing must not happen in 
4.1.x (which is the stable branch).


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