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From Jerald Powel <>
Subject Re: Tomcat + Java Env. (newbie)
Date Sun, 11 May 2003 04:16:55 GMT
Hi,    Thanks for that. Although I understood about 20% of it (the English). Can anyone offer
an answer to my (what I thought simple) question, that I might understand?  Terminology I
didn't understand: "reduce it to cvm + foundation", "run it on a zaurus", "kaffe", "a smaller
footprint", "natively compiled with gcj", "the minimal set of interceptors you need", "I got
it to about 0.8M". As you can see, much of the reply! When I posted this question, I thought
I was half intelligent, now I am not too sure. (original posting enclosed). thanks for any
input G.

Costin Manolache <> wrote:
Jerald Powel wrote:

> Hello,
> A relatively easy question for most, not for such a beginner like myself. Can Tomcat
be installed (and run) on the J2ME environment, and likewise the J2EE env. ? Is it simply
a question of downloading the appropriate installation of TC, and installing it on top of
the desired JVM?

For tomcat4 and tomcat5 - very unlikely, they use a lot of j2se features.

Tomcat3.3 is still JDK1.1 based. I was able at some point to reduce it to
cvm + foundation and run it on a zaurus, and it works well with kaffe (
which has a smaller footprint ) or natively compiled with gcj.

In any case - it is not just a question of downloading it, you need to
figure out what subset you want ( i.e the minimal set of interceptors you
need). I got it to about 0.8M - without too much effort.

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