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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: NEW JK2 JniClassLoader
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 05:59:42 GMT

> From Costin Manolache
> +1, but I have few small comments:
> - The name is _very_ confusing ( at least for me ). JniLoader 
> or JkLoader would be better, ClassLoader has a special meaning.

JkLoader sounds fine, although its main purpose is to be a class loader

> - Wouldn't be better to merge this with Bootstrap ( or 
> actually merge Bootstrap into this one - since Bootstrap is 
> at a higher level ) ? Or at least make sure the functionality 
> provided in Bootstrap is present in JkLoader ( i.e. creating 
> the common/container classloaders - we can use 
> URLClassLoader directly ). Bootstrap can then extend JkLoader. 
> That's low priority - probably too much work and too little 
> benefit, I just wanted to mention it.

Well, the entire purpose is to be independent of any package. The single
class file is a _must_ for cases where there is a more then one JVM
Using single class file, the one can be loaded inside the JVM using
DefineClass from raw bytes. Everything else can be then defined  using
either properties file or directly using native methods.
So I'm against to use any additional package that would require some
.jar, or even additional class, cause eventually we will end up in the
TomcatStarter situation, where more and more packages are referenced.


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