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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject Re: [Patch] mbeans-descriptors.xml (was Re: Connector issues)
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 18:25:59 GMT
I agree.  But, as I said in my earlier email, there are defects in the
Coyote Connector driving people to use something else.  If I absolutely
need bug#10229 fixed, what choice do I have?  I am wondering if the
reality is that people will be forced to use the Ajp13Connector, so we
might as well fix this very simple bug.  Yes there will be other
problems, but at least the connector still works.

The mbean descriptor is not only used with the admin, but also it seems
like Tomcat would not shut down if this connector was enabled.  I think
it was a ServiceLifeCycleException of some sort.

We should also fix the Coyote Connector problem.  I am trying to get
some time to look at that issue.

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

>>> 4/1/03 11:08:30 AM >>>
Jeff Tulley wrote:
> Here is the patch for the Ajp13Connector.  
> The one caveat is that this patch allows Tomcat to startup and
> without MBean exceptions, but the Tomcat Admin application still
> not work with this connector enabled.  That is, the admin app
> but do not click on "Connector" in the application, since it is
> for a Coyote connector and does not find the getters and setters it
> looking for.  When I tried it, I clicked on "Connector" first and it
> seemed like I couldn't get anything else to work after that.  If I
> clicked on something else first ("Host", for instance), then clicked
> "Connector" I got the error but the rest of the admin application
> fine.

It's not a good idea to imply that the old AJP connector is to be used.

It is slow and unreliable, and will not work with Tomcat 5.
Also, it is not compatible with the admin webapp, and the MBean 
descriptor is only used in conjunction with the admin webapp in Tomcat,

so adding the AJP connector there will only lead to problems later.


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