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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jk/native2/server/apache2 mod_jk2.c
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 19:19:50 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:

>> costin      2003/04/11 13:14:22
>>   Modified:    jk/native2/server/apache2 mod_jk2.c
>>   Log:
>>   Patch from David Cassidy to fix the bug in VirtualHosts if
>> JkUriSet is used.
> This patch doesn't work :(.
> It has some serious impacts like that Apache is reporting 500 if there
> is no TC running,
> and no mapping at all works, not even jkstatus.

I'll try to fix it - or revert the patch. 
The mapping with Location works fine.

> I propose that we create two new beans: 'webapp' and 'host'.
> This would simplify internal processing and isolate uri mappings from
> host and context tables.
> Second I propose that instead parsing suffix matches, we use the general
> string matching
> that will allow general matches like '/*/a/bbb?b/*.jsp'.

Sounds good. Just give me few days to try to get a fix - so we can
release a milestone. 

> The uriEnv bean will in that case have the pointer to valid webapp table
> entry.
> This will still allow to use the exiting config directives, since the
> host and context
> uri's will be transformed to coresponding ones.


> This will also allow the jkstatus to be grouped by host/context/uri.

What's the use case ?


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