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From "Wilson, Allen" <>
Subject Ports for Apache-Tomcat Configuration
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:23:02 GMT


I have configured Apache to run with Tomcat and things worked find when
I was working on the everything behind the firewall. When I used the
actual IP address that will be addressed from the outside, I can get to
the Apache page and the examples directory but when I try to request a
jsp or servlet it does not work correctly.

I think my problem is because I am now access the actually box through a
proxy server.

I reviewed the port request through the netstat command and this is what
it has 

xxxxxxxxxx.80   yyyyycom       16560 0 24624 0 ESTABLISHED
localhost.57060 localhost.8009 32291 0 32768 0 ESTABLISHED
localhost.8009 localhost.57060 32768 0 32768 0 ESTABLISHED

As you see the HTTP request comes in on port 80 and the jsp/servlet
request are on port 8009 but they are getting return on a local port
instead of port 80...what can I do....


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