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From Amy Roh <>
Subject Re: TC5 JMX domain engine issue
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 00:21:28 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> Amy Roh wrote:
>>OK.  So we'll add get/setDomain for StandardContext to set j2eeDomain if
>>it's in j2ee container and add "engineName" so it knows which engine,
>>correct?  Since servlets use context's domain, I don't think we need
>>domain change code there.
> getDomain already exists ( in ContainerBase ).

I think we also need to add setDomain to set j2eeDomain in case 
deployment isn't done using jmx.

> I'll add "engineName" attribute, if set it'll be used instead of the domain.


> How do you deploy the contexts ? My prefference is:
> - create the mbean with whatever name you want ( in your favorite j2ee
> domain ), and the code o.a.c.core.StandardContext
> - set the attributes, including engineName
> - call init - which will look for the engine and register itself.
> - call start ( I think start calls init() if not already done, so in case
> you're using the jsr77 lifecycle - which doesn't have init - you're can
> call directly start )

Sounds good.

> You can still do it directly ( as server.xml does ), but it would help if we
> would settle on the jmx method for cases where tomcat is embeded in another
> app.

We can still keep this for backward compatibility.

>>I can revert the admin changes so it's working once again ;-).
> A lot of things depend on name stability. 
> That is one of the reasons I would like tomcat to use JSR77 names whenever
> possible ( i.e.  contexts/servlets ). 
> I think it is probably the time ( i.e. after all this discussion ends ) to 
> freeze all JMX names. 

+1000000... I think we're getting there.

Once we settle JMX names, admin, and other issues(?) we can finally tag 
5.0.2 hopefully.


> Costin
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