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From Pascal Paradis-Théberge <>
Subject jikes and windows
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 22:32:58 GMT
I'm using tomcat on a day to day basis to do jsp development. I really 
like how much snappier Jasper2 is but I find really annoying that I'm 
not able to use jikes. Jikes makes a huge difference when you have to 
keep recompiling jsps and it seriously impacts the productivity of 
anybody trying to use Tomcat as a development platform on windows. The 
only explanation/solution proposed so far is the following: "this is a 
problem with jikes on windows, all you need is a binary of jikes with 
support for encoding." The problem with this is by looking at jikes 
mailing lists, it seems to be pretty hard to support this option under 
windows because of some library availability reason and until somebody 
tackles this issue which doesn't even seem to be on their radar screen, 
it leaves Jasper2 users without jikes support on windows.

But I do use jikes outside of jasper every day to compile my java files 
and I don't run into any encoding problem. So, there seems to be a 
simple way to work around this issue.Why not add a parameter to the jsp 
servlet? Something like "ignoreEncoding" that could default to false. 
The only effect would be to not pass the "encoding" option to ant and 
voilĂ  the problem is gone and you have a lot of grateful developers that 
save a lot of time not having to wait for jsps to compile.

I would totally do it myself but I'm not currently a Tomcat developer 
and it seems a lot of setup just to be able to submit such a simple 
patch for review. Please take this suggestion into consideration as it 
would make a HUGE difference for a lot of people.

Keep up the great work.


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