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From Alexander Leyke <>
Subject Fwd: RE: AOLserver/Tomcat
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 18:01:15 GMT

The *.java files are not mandatory. This is a feature targeting 
AOLserver specifically, it allows servlet code to call into native 
facilities for dynamic content and logging, and works only in in-process 
mode. By no means these files extend common portion of JTC.

I guess that transforms your question into "why are you building them 
with TC modules". It is a much desired feature, and rather than build 
another module, I decided to bundle Java with nsjk2 sources. Please let 
me know if a problem.

The need to call loadLibrary was a strange case. Obviously nsjk2 is in 
memory by the time JVM loads NsLog or NsTcl, but I kept getting 
unresolved references error until I began to call loadLibrary. My 
understanding (please correct if this is wrong), is RegisterNatives is 
an alternative to lazy registration by the JVM, but still would require 
a prior loadLibrary call.

Thanks - Alex

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Subject: RE: AOLserver/Tomcat
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 18:44:06 +0200
From: Mladen Turk <> <>
To: 'aolserver' <> <>
cc: 'Tomcat Developers List' <> 
Organization: Apache Software Foundation

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 > We'll be happy to assist with further questions.
 > One more request -
 > please send future communications to
 > (Apache Bugzilla
 > is already aware of that address), this way you'll reach
 > wider audience
 > of engineers.

Do we need NsLog and NsTcl as mandatory for aoljk2 to be operational ?
Entire concept of TC connectors is that the Java part is server

Could you guys explain why is that needed, and why they need loadLibrary
We have RegisterNatives JNI call that is meant to be used for inprocess
I assume that those are meant for that (inprocess).


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