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From Karsten Wutzke <>
Subject Deploys to "wrong" directory...
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 21:29:25 GMT
Hi all!

I've already asked this in the Ant and Tomcat User lists, but no one 
could give me a reasonable answer.

When deploying, that is using the Ant Tomcat 4.1 <deploy> task, the web 
app war file is copied to 
$CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/manager. Furthermore, an 
directory containing *only* Java platform files (classes and jars) is 
automatically expanded in 
$CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/<context>. Note that there are 
no html's, jsp's, images or anything there. I can also delete this 
directory and the web app still works.

I had expected the whole web app to be in the $CATALINA_HOME/webapps dir 
or in a context subdir. Why is the web app deployed to the Tomcat work 
directory, which, according to the Tomcat docs at , is a 
"Scratch directory used by Tomcat for holding temporary files and 

I don't like this behavior. Is it, because I'm essentially using the 
Manager web app, which itself is just a web app, and thus places 
anything into its scratch dir?

I'd like my web app to be in the $CATALINA_HOME/webapps dir in some 
way... How is that done?

Another question I have is with the install task:
Where are the application files really? In the automatically expanded 
directory $CATALINA_HOME/work/standalone/localhost/<context>, there are 
only Java platform files, no html or jsp's. But the index.html is 
found... Where is it?

Thanks for helping!


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