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From "Riyaz Mansoor" <>
Subject extending tomcat
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 04:01:39 GMT

hi. i'm trying to modify/extend tomcat for a custom portal [type]
application. users logon via a custom SingleSignOn for all applications on
that instance of tomcat.

1) my custom Principal used for authentication requires the properties found
on the "request" object, namely IP Address and Host name for logging
purposes. however, i cannot [seem to] find a method by which these
properties can be set at login time. the Realm interaface or the RealmBase
do not have methods to set a "request" object. is this possible?

2) i need something higher than Filters to do common tasks for all
applications on my tomcat instance. is this possible by, say, extending some
catalina class? if so, could u please point me in that direction? again i
need access to the "request", "response" objects.

3) comment/suggestion: tomcat instances [CATALINA_BASE] do not currently
support the /server/* or the /common/* directories on the tomcat instance
(_BASE) itself. are there plans to do this? for someone such as myself who
extend classes/lib found under /server and /common this would be invaluable
because i can keep the custom classes in my tomcat instance rather than
getting the admin to put it in the actual tomcat installation. a classloader
hierarchy which looks at the _BASE first and then _HOME would work fine for
me. even for the /shared folder.

please comment.



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