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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [4.1.21] Stability rating
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 00:12:29 GMT
Hans Bergsten wrote:

>> You are a tomcat committer just like Remy or everyone else. Commit
>> the fix - and if someone has a problem with it he can -1 and
>> propose a better solution.
> Yes, I am, but it's been years since I committed anything and my
> environment is not set up for it. I simply don't have the time right
> now to fix my environment (figure out how to set up ssh, find out
> if I have submitted a signature to ASF and if so, where it is, find out
> what my CVS password is, etc. etc.), so my contributions to this
> project will be in the form of patches in Bugzilla. And yes, some
> nagging now and then when the patches are not applied ;-)

Just send a mail to root with the public ssh key. Setting up ssh 
shouldn't take more than 10 minutes after the key is set. I would 
be happy to help - send me a private email if you run into any
If you are on windows - install cygwin and you'll get both ssh 
and cvs, it's the easiest way around.

All you need is to install ssh, generate a key pair and send the public
key to root ( he'll know how to put it in authorized_keys ). 

> I know I can not demand that someone else commits the patches, and
> in a prefect world I would find the time to do it myself. But I find
> it quite annoying that the JSPC bugs are allowed to remain from
> release to release when there are tested patches available in
> Bugzilla.

Well - one reason for that is that committers who have expertise in JSP and
could apply the patches don't find the time to set up their CVS :-)
Yes, it is quite annoying. 

> Anyway, since committing the patches myself is not an option at this
> time (but may be in the future), my only alternatives are to continue
> to submit patches and nag, or to stop contributing altogether. Hey, I
> can patch my own copy to fix the problems I find. Believe it or not,
> I'm actually trying to help out by submitting patches and reminding
> you of them. But if you want me to shut up, I'll do that. Even
> submitting patches takes time and if you're just going to ignore them,
> that's time I can use for other things ...

I am going to ignore them for now - but I would be happy to help you 
get the CVS setup. Just send me a mail with your environment ( win, unix,
etc), I'm pretty familiar with ssh and cvs.


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