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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [4.1.21] Stability rating
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 19:52:52 GMT
Hans Bergsten wrote:

>> Good. For JspC, I think there are more urgent problems than the tag
>> related problem, such as the mangling issues which just got fixed in
>> Tomcat 5. That's why I didn't bother trying to apply whatever patch was
>> needed for tags, knowing it would still be broken.
> Well, if you apply the patch that fixes the "NPE when packaged tag
> libraries are used" proble, it would be _less_ broken ;-) Seriously,
> this patch has been submitted by at least two people, has been available
> for months, and does not cause any regression. Why not just apply it
> and move on?

You are a tomcat committer just like Remy or everyone else. Commit 
the fix - and if someone has a problem with it he can -1 and
propose a better solution. 

> The "mangling problem" (I assume you refer to problems with filepath
> names containing dots) is far less common, and if it's hard to fix (I
> haven't looked at it), it could wait. But if the TC 5 patch can easily
> be ported to 4.1, why not do it? Even if you refer to some problem I'm
> not aware of, fixing the NPE problem can hardly be a bad idea since
> it affects _everyone_ who tries to use JSPC with packaged tag libraries
> (the majority case in the real world).

Good question. Why not do it ? 

Thanks for volunteering ! 


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