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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: socket errors in catalina.out and mod_jk.log
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 17:05:43 GMT
Sven Köhler wrote:

> special URLs are by far the best mechanism?
> the next simpson-episode should start with bart writing "special urls
> are by far the worst mechanism ever" to the board.
> it's working around a missing feature - nothing more, nothing less.
> it's the worse method i could imagine.

Yes - it's a workaround that avoids bloating the protocol, same workaround
used by HTTP to keep the protocol (relatively) simple. There are plenty
of protocols far more sophisticated than HTTP - but it seems the http 
workaround worked.

AJP's goal is to optimize the transfer of requests and responses. 
Jk goal was to support multiple protocols ( like AJP13 ).

I'm -1 on bloating the protocol for things that can be implemented 
much cleaner using the request/response mechanism that we already 

I'm +1 if someone wants to implement/use XDR/IIOP/RMI, 
and I'm +1 on adding a new request message format that simplifies
the current request. I think both are well justified. 



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