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From "Paulsen, Jay" <>
Subject getSession() returns a different StandardSessionFacade object eve ry time it is called
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 19:04:28 GMT

Tomcat 4.1.12
Apache 2.0.43
Warp Connector 
Struts 1.1b2

Calling getSession() on the request object (which in this environment is an
instance of HttpRequestFacade which wraps a WarpRequest) creates and returns
a new StandardSessionFacade object that actually wraps another
StandardSessionFacade object which wraps the StandardSession object.  This
means that every call to request.getSession() returns a different
StandardSessionFacade object making it impossible to synchronize on the
session object.  

It looks like that the code in HttpRequestFacade.getSession() that wraps the
session in another StandardSessionFacade object is unneeded, possibly.  The
call it makes to StandardSession.getSession() already returns a session
object wrapped in a facade object.  

Am I completely missing something here?  If this is the intended behavior,
is there another alternative to synchronizing on the session object? The
Action.isTokenValid() method in Struts has a synchronized block on the
session object.  It looks like that this code would not work on Tomcat
because of this scenario.

I also quickly looked at Tomcat 4.1.18 and Struts 1.1rc1 and the code in the
above mentioned objects looks the same.  The CoyoteRequestFacade class used
by the Coyote Connector does the same thing too.

Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.


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