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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Shutdown Status in Bootstrap/Catalina
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:28:25 GMT
Hi All,

We're looking into the possibility of improving the Bootstrap/Catalina 
startup/shutdown that is currently used to start/stop tomcat in the 
JPackage RPM distribution for Tomcat 4.l.*.

What are the chances that a "status" command could be added to the 
Bootstrap/Catalina 4.1.* classes? This would allow us to check the 
status of tomcat while shutting down in the shutdown scripts. For 
scripts that start/stop/restart tomcat as an init.d service (Redhat), 
the script would then be more capabile of waiting for tomcat to shut 
completely down before restarting becuase it wait until the status changed.

As it is now, when lots of things happen on shutdown, using a shell 
script "sleep" command to wait for shutdown before 'restarting' causes 
the startup to start before the shutdown has fully completed. Having a 
status command would give script developers better control over when 
tomcat has really completely shutdown. Administrators wouldn't have to 
go in and muck around with the scripts sleep time when their 
webapps/connectors require more time to shutdown.

-Mark Diggory

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