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From Hans Bergsten <>
Subject Re: [4.1.21] Stability rating
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 22:04:20 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> Hans Bergsten wrote:
>>>Good. For JspC, I think there are more urgent problems than the tag
>>>related problem, such as the mangling issues which just got fixed in
>>>Tomcat 5. That's why I didn't bother trying to apply whatever patch was
>>>needed for tags, knowing it would still be broken.
>>Well, if you apply the patch that fixes the "NPE when packaged tag
>>libraries are used" proble, it would be _less_ broken ;-) Seriously,
>>this patch has been submitted by at least two people, has been available
>>for months, and does not cause any regression. Why not just apply it
>>and move on?
> You are a tomcat committer just like Remy or everyone else. Commit 
> the fix - and if someone has a problem with it he can -1 and
> propose a better solution. 

Yes, I am, but it's been years since I committed anything and my
environment is not set up for it. I simply don't have the time right
now to fix my environment (figure out how to set up ssh, find out
if I have submitted a signature to ASF and if so, where it is, find out
what my CVS password is, etc. etc.), so my contributions to this
project will be in the form of patches in Bugzilla. And yes, some
nagging now and then when the patches are not applied ;-)

I know I can not demand that someone else commits the patches, and
in a prefect world I would find the time to do it myself. But I find
it quite annoying that the JSPC bugs are allowed to remain from
release to release when there are tested patches available in

Anyway, since committing the patches myself is not an option at this
time (but may be in the future), my only alternatives are to continue
to submit patches and nag, or to stop contributing altogether. Hey, I
can patch my own copy to fix the problems I find. Believe it or not,
I'm actually trying to help out by submitting patches and reminding
you of them. But if you want me to shut up, I'll do that. Even
submitting patches takes time and if you're just going to ignore them,
that's time I can use for other things ...

Hans Bergsten                                <>
Gefion Software                       <>
Author of O'Reilly's "JavaServer Pages", covering JSP 1.2 and JSTL 1.0
Details at                                    <>

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