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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Distributing the .jar files as binaries in release
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 20:59:04 GMT
In general, I like the idea because there are numerous
projects out there that use specific jars from tomcat
and this would greatly ease access.  There is some
discussion going on elsewhere in the community for
distributing jars with this kind of model.  The idea
is that an application's expressed dependencies on 3rd
party packages can include a URL to the specific jar
(including version specification).   Thus deployment
host platforms can automatically retrieve and resolve
dependencies without the application developer having
to be responsible for unpacking, repackaging a subset
of tomcat (or whatever) and then possibly having to
provide the subset on his/her own server.

The caveats are that I don't know if there is
consensus yet on versioning format, there definitely
are too many competing package dependency schemes and
I'm not sure what the impact of jar refactoring will

Overall, though, I like the idea.

My $.02


--- Costin Manolache <> wrote:
> I would like to start adding .jar files as part of
> the release process
> for tomcat - eventually even for 4.1.24 ( we just
> need to upload the 
> current jars as a separate download ). 
> The proposal is very simple:
> - jars will be placed in
> /dist/jakarta/tomcat-x/binaries/
> ( the standard location in the current mirroring
> scheme )
> - we include only the .jars that are part of tomcat.
> In time
> we should make sure that the projects we depend on (
> logging, 
> digester, etc ) start doing the same, and we can
> adjust the 
> build process to get only the jars and support the
> mirrors.
> For example: 
> - the jar names should be fully versioned (
> otherwise we can't keep 
> more than a version in the dist dir ), and a
> symbolic link will point to
> the latest release.
> We would have:
>   catalina.jar -> catalina-4.1.24.jar
>   tomcat-util.jar -> tomcat-util-4.1.24.jar
>   etc.
> - in tomcat5 we should start including the _major_
> version number in the
> jar name: catalina5.jar. A version number should be
> used whenever we have 
> a break in backward compatibility.

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