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From Steve Burrus <>
Subject Whee!! It's good to be back!
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 19:26:18 GMT

It's very good indeed to be back in your "midst" again, and believe me, I will try hard to
"mind my manners" and try to use this list for the most knowledgeable insight that I can posssibly
get about how to execute certain jsp's/servlets with the Tomcat web container!!

Case in point: I am having problems with trying to see this "" servlet of
mine. It just flat doesn't show up in my browser when I try to look at it, sad to say. It
is just the most simple and basic servlet, so it shouldn't be too much of a "big deal" to
correct whatever problem it has, so I could then see it. I naturally have attached it to my
posting, and again, it's good to be back "in your good graces" again. 

p.s.: excuse my absolute ignorance about how servlet creation is done successfully, but I
was wondering if I possibly need a HTML file to go along with this servlet as a helper file.

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