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From <>
Subject [PATCH] Digest Authentication
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:16:25 GMT

Here I attach a patch for and that should fix the
problems with DIGEST authentication. With this I made it work with Mozilla 1.3, IE 5.0, Opera
7 and my own simple client

I don't have cvs access so I made the patches against a CVS image I downloaded today via web,
so I hope the patch format is ok

This should fix the bug 9851


Carlos Quiroz

-----Original Message-----
From: ext Remy Maucherat []
Sent: 20 March, 2003 11:17
To: Tomcat Developers List
Subject: Re: Digest Authentication wrote:
> Hi all
> I've been trying unsuccessfully to use the Digest authentication in Tomcat with my webapp.
I need it because Basic authentication is too weak and I cannot use SSL on the client side.
> I noticed that the implementation in Tomcat has some problems that I describe below:
> 1. In org.apache.catalina.realm.RealmBase it is said that it implements RFC 2069 but
IMHO it actually implements partially RFC 2617 since it uses the qop option to calculate the
digests, which first appeared in RFC 2617
> 2. RFC 2617 clearly says that if qop is not present the request-digest should be calculated
as in RFC 2069. However in the current implementation it is always calculated as RFC 2617,
> String serverDigestValue = md5a1 + ":" + nOnce + ":" + nc + ":"
> 						+ cnonce + ":" + qop + ":" + md5a2;
> This excludes the possibility of qop being null in which case the serverDigestValue should
> String serverDigestValue = md5a1 + ":" + nOnce + ":" + md5a2;
> Also the case of qop being auth-int is not taken into account at all
> 3. Finally, there is a problem when obtaining the values qop and nc. Some browsers send
qop with quotes, for instance IE, but Mozilla sends them without quotes. Same with nc. 
> What happens is that in org.apache.catalina.authenticator.DigestAuthenticator the qop
is calculated always removing the quotes. That makes that in a mozilla's request qop=auth
becomes qop=ut and the Digest calculation is different. I'm not sure what should be the right
thing to do since clearly both cases may happen. Should they both be supported or should Tomcat
be able to analyze the values and accept both? I don't know if Tomcat has some policy about
being able to accept "bogus" input

I recommend you prepare a patch for this. I'm pretty sure you know about 
that already, but DIGEST will not work with most Tomcat realms (a 
refactoring is needed, and will hopefully occur in Tomcat 5).


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