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From Aditya <>
Subject Re: tracking memory usage over time
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 18:18:34 GMT
> On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 06:45:26 -0600, Glenn Nielsen <> said:
> An easier way to measure memory usage in production is to start the
> JVM which runs Tomcat with the arg -verbose:gc, this will print
> information to stdout about each garbage collection and the memory
> used.

thank you, we'll try that.

> I doubt if the memory leak is in Tomcat itself.  The best way to
> find the memory leak in your application is to setup a test server
> and use OptimizeIt or JProbe to profile Tomcat and your web
> application.  You can use something like JMeter to simulate load.

we did run 4.1.14 under JProbe and didn't find any obvious leaks in
our application/classes -- it was clearly in the Tomcat
compilation. We haven't run 4.1.20 under JProbe yet.


> seem to have made a difference. Running 4.1.14 under jprobe doesn't
> evidence any leaks in our JSPs/filters.  Hints on how to trace this
> leak down would be most welcome.  Thanks, Adi

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