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From Sven Köhler <>
Subject Re: socket errors in catalina.out and mod_jk.log
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:05:24 GMT
>> i looked into these sources, and i am shocked!!!
>> this.receive() uses, and this method finally calls the 
>> as everybody should know, 
>> returns -1 if the end of the inputstream is reached.
>> this case is checked, but instead of doing something useful, the case 
>> is not really handled.
> It's handled, the connection is closed.

yes, but it's important to be abled to differ between a "normal" 
connection shutdown, and a erroneous connection shutdown.
i don't see such a difference in the code right now.

>> i suggest throwing an EOSException (EOS=EndOfStream) which is derived 
>> from IOException.
>> as is supposed to read exactly len bytes, it should only 
>> throw the EOSException, if the first call of in the 
>> loop returns -1.
> I'd prefer avoid generation too many exceptions in real-time 
> environnement. After all if read return something < 0, the loop
> is exited and the connection closed in the finally block.

return special values is quite C-stylish.
using exception is the OOP way. i don't know, if throwing an exception 
is that slow, although a new object has to be created every time :-( 
which might make things slow.
on the other hand, exceptions don't occur very often (that's why they're 
called exceptions) and they shouldn't make it that slow.

> FYI, Apache close ajp13 connections each time it recycle/kill a child
> and under heavy load on webserver, it happen very often.

that makes it even worse.

> If the webserver has closed a connection, tomcat detect it has close the
> connection silently....

... except writing those messages to the log.

> Usually I'd rather like see patches instead of coding style critics.
> You're welcome to provide us your solution.

I'm currently trying to compile tomcat (checked out from cvs) and i will 
supply you with a patch as soon as i've solved the problem.


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