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From Sven Köhler <>
Subject Re: socket errors in catalina.out and mod_jk.log
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:50:56 GMT
>> read-error should not happen, as mod_jk could send a quit-paket or 
>> something (analog to the ftp-protocol)
> read-error happen BECAUSE APACHE HTTPD server close client
> when it recycle them.

i hoped, you would react on this one.

i'm not very much into apache httpd's internals, but i guess, that a 
child isn't just killed, but notified to terminate itself (OK, perhaps a 
kill-signal is used), but the question is, if mod_jk is called when a 
child exits/gets killed. if mod_jk can catch this case, it should 
gracefully close the connection (like quit-command in FTP-protocol), so 
tomcat knows, that everything is OK.

i know, that apache kills and spawns new child every now and than, but 
as this is normal, this should be handled more gracefully.

i cannot supply you with a patch, because i'm not that good in writing 
apache-modules (in fact, i never did that before, and i didn't write any 
C/C++ for some years now)

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