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Subject RE: [PATCH] forward instead of redirect for welcome files
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:17:47 GMT
I would like to revisit this thread:

This should be a required feature.  The current functionality is a BIG flaw in my eyes and
obviously many other peoples for many reasons including:

- it is not the standard way that apache behaves (nor any other server on the planet, i mean
even look at the jakarta site or any non tomcat site for that matter)
- gives a HUGE disadvantage to sites using tomcat for search crawlers and search engine rankings
(this alone makes me want to try a different app server and if i didn't have the knowledge
to change the DefaultServlet myself, I would definitely stop using tomcat because of this).
- bookmarking

I really don't see any advantage to doing it the way it is done now.  And as for the welcome
files being in a subdirectory, does that really actually happen???  And if it did, then they
don't have to turn on the forwarding, just leave it as default.  But please, please give us
this option in the 4+ versions of Tomcat.

Travis Reeder

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