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From Simon Senécal <>
Subject RequestDispatcher.forward() problem
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:12:06 GMT
Thanks for your reply, John.

Can you transport data from one webapp to the other when you use the 
sendRedirect() method? Here is my true problem. I want to transport data 
such as a username and a password between two webapps (and I don't want to 
use URL rewriting). The user logs on Webapp1 and after authentification, 
the user has the choice to go to Webapp2, and I need the username and 
password to work in Webapp2. As I understand it, I can't use the session 
object to transport data because each Webapp has it's own session object. 
So I thought of using the forwarding method and use the request object to 
store my data (with setAttribute and getAttribute). It works, but like I 
said in my previous email, after forwarding, I'm still in the context of 


At 09:51 2003-02-21 -0500, you wrote:
>I am not sure if this helps, but a forward happens at the server so the
>server makes the forwarded request and returns the results to the
>browser, so the browser never knows the request has changed and therefor
>the URL in the browser will not change, on the other hand a redirect
>tells the browser to go get the new page so the browser URL will update
>to the new URL.
> > -----Original Message----->
> >
> > I need help. (I use Tomcat 4.1.18)
> >
> > I'm in JSP1 in a webapp (Webapp1) and I use
> > RequestDispatcher.forward(request, response) to forward in
> > JSP2 located in
> > another webapp (Webapp2). The two webapps are on the same server. The
> > forwarding works, but once I'm in the JSP2 (in Webapp2), it
> > looks like I'm
> > still in the context of Webapp1, the URL of the request
> > remains the URL of
> > JSP1 in Webapp1. However, the servlet API documentation
> > specifically says:
> >
> > "For a RequestDispatcher obtained via getRequestDispatcher(), the
> > ServletRequest object has its path elements and parameters
> > adjusted to
> > match the path of the target resource".
> >
> > Here is a simplified part of the code I use in JSP1:
> >
> > ServletContext contxt = getServletContext().getContext("/Webapp2");
> > RequestDispatcher disp =
> > contxt.getRequestDispatcher("/JSPinWebapp2.jsp");
> > disp.forward(request, response);
> >
> > Is this a bug, or is there something that I'm missing or not
> > understanding
> > about forwarding?
> >
> >
> > Simon Senécal
> > Lab-Volt Québec (Software Development)
> > 418-849-1000 #348
> >

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