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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Branch j-t-c for Tomcat 5
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 17:14:03 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:

>>> Before branching and having to maintain patches in two branches,
>>> why not try to fix the builds and/or change the implemenation of the
>>> additional JMX support so that it can be built optionally.
>> Sorry, but this is not possible, and I will *not* include these changes
>> in 4.1.x, at least not for now.
> Why is it not possible to add (optional) JMX support to j-t-c components
> so that we don't have to branch?

Because optional JMX is going to be too painfull and limit a lot of what 
we can do ( or make it much more complex than it needs to be ).

I'll remove JMX from util - that can be easily avoided. 3.3 and 4.0 
have their own http and ajp connectors.

> I did not say anything about 4.1, just that I feel it is preferable to not
> have to maintain two j-t-c code bases.

I agree - but if the cost is making the code too convoluted and use only a 
small subset of JMX - I think it's better to branch.

Registration can be wrapped ( easily ). Notifications and use of 
MBeanRegistration are hard to wrap. 

>From a different perspective - even if j-t-c is branched, it should be
possible to use either branch in any tomcat - if you have JMX, you can
use HEAD with 3.3 or 4.1. 


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