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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject PROPOSAL/VOTE: JMX hook mechanism
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:38:41 GMT
I don't know if we can get consensus or not - but IMO this is
the right solution, and I'm not going  to look for another one.
I decided to make this proposal - to get this out of my 

Tomcat is composed of multiple components. We agreed that JMX is
the right way to configure and manage the components. The proposal
is to use JMX notifications to consolidate all callback and extension 

The only exception will be Valve - where the calling mechanism 
just doesn't fit and the effort and changes will be too big. Valve
will remain unchanged - but for any new modules and as we optimize/enhance
existing modules we should switch to notifications. 

Coyote ActionHook and JkHandler will be deprecated and replaced witht the 
NotificationListener interface. The current parameters will be passed 
in the Notification subclass ( we can reuse the same notification object - 
one per Request object ). Small refactorings will be needed - but I don't
think it'll destabilize the code too much.

I don't expect this to destabilize the code too much - but if we decide to 
do that, a branch may be a good idea.

Please post your opinion - and if you are interested to help doing it.

I posted some more notes on my weblog ( which I just started few days ago ),
and I'll update it with more details.
( I'm just getting started with the blogging :-).


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