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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject JSR77 names for Context ( and ServletWrapper )
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 04:57:09 GMT
I'm not very familiar with the /admin - how difficult 
would it be to change the naming format for Contexts ? 

JSR77 defines some pretty clear names for Context and Servet -
and I think we should use that where possible. 

Another issue I have is the name of the Valves, which uses
the hashcode of the valve object. I would preffer to have 
an easier form - a counter indicating the position of the valve
in the chain ( unique for the container where the valve is attached ).

Again - need help with the /admin.

Finally, the issue of "domain". In JSR77 ( and in general ) 
the domain can be used to create separate namespaces - and I think
the "domain" should match the engine name and the jsrRoute. That
would simplify a lot:
 - a domain represents a particular tomcat Engine. 
 - each engine must have a unique identifier
 - this will be used for load balancing ( as jvmRoute - no longer separate 
config )
 - it will also be visible in the JMX console. Assuming remote-JMX
is supported - each tomcat will be visible in a separate domain.
 - you can have multiple Engines in the same VM ( just like today ),
but each will have a separate domain and will be completely separated
from each other.

Not sure if the /admin is using the domain somehere.

Opinions ? Anyone willing to help ? 


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