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Subject First version of JK2 Domino connector and more questions about JNI-mode
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 10:32:04 GMT

I am leaving for a one week holiday and wanted to share the first
beta-version of the JK2 Domino connector with you.

I am not familiar with the Apache coding guidlines etc., it is just for you
who are interested in this and are more experienced than I am, to have a
look at the code, and to comment on it. There are some parts where I am not
sure about the function which I marked with a comment and some ???. Most of
it I mentioned in my first mail to this list.

To compile it without having the Domino C-API, one have to define the
symbol NO_CAPI.

I just tested it with JNI mode, which I need for my own projects and
discoverd a few things/problems I like to mention here. I am not sure if
these are specific to flaws in my code or to misconfiguration of the
config-file (see below) or to the way the JNI-mode works. First of all, all
the servlet and JSP examples provided with TC worked quite well. Because of
the problems with JNI-mode and Domino 6 (see my last few mails) I solely
worked with Domino 5.0.11 on Windows, but in the future the filter should
also work under Linux etc.

Then I tested one of my own web-apps and got astonishing results, nothings
works! I was able to reduce the problem to the following configuration: In
a simple servlet I tried to set up commons-logging 1.0.2 to work together
with log4j 1.2.7. I could not achive this in JNI mode and always got this

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Layout
      at org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory.getLog(
      at TestServlet.<clinit>(

Commons-logging and log4j are only in the web-app's lib-directory. To make
it worse the same thing is working as expected without any modifications
when TC is started as a seperate process using the startup batch file and
accessed using HTTP1.1 connector. Log4j alone work quite a nice as well and
using the old JK connector it also works quite well.

My thought is that it has something to do with classloaders and/or the VM
is intialized with different options. As I looked for the system-properties
I saw that they are quite dfferent in the two situations. Any thoughts
regarding this problem?

My lookes like this for the VM initialization

info=Parameters used to load a JVM in the server process

Comments on both issues are welcome!


(See attached file:

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