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From Adam Megacz <>
Subject NEW: drop-in Debian packages for mod_jk2 JNI mode connector
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 01:35:37 GMT

I've put together some .deb's for Tomcat and mod_jk2 that should act
as a drop-in solution to get the jni connector working.  Unfortunately
I can only seem to get it to work with the IBM JVM, which I've also
packaged (yes, I know this is a violation of their license agreement;
I'll take it down if they heckle me).

It seems to only work with apache2-mpm-prefork.  I run unstable (sid);
I don't know if these packages will work with testing or woody.

Right now the packages are rough around the edges.  If anybody can
answer the questions I raise in the following post, I would greatly
appreciate it.

I'd like to get more people using the JNI connector if possible, and
making high-quality Debian packages available seems to be a good way
to do that.  So, any help with the above issues would be really great.

  - a

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