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From John Willemin <>
Subject Error page declarations interacting with servlets
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 19:11:29 GMT
I first noticed about 10 months ago, when I filed bug 7371, that for some 
reason the error-page's that I declared in my web.xml were working fine 
from JSP's but not from servlets. That bug was closed, because it worked in 
the tests. Tomcat 4.0.1:

Then someone posted something similar, about how when certain exceptions 
are thrown from servlets instead of JSP's, the Exception report is 
displayed instead of the error-page (this bug is still outstanding). This 
was filed for Tomcat 4.1.12:

And as recently as December 14th there is evidence someone is having the 
same problem still, with Tomcat 4.0.4:

I am just trying to generate critical mass for hunting this down. I posted 
a test case on 7371, and there was also a test case posted on 13924. My 
test case works as expected in Resin but not in Tomcat 4.0.1

This is very problematic for us, as users of our system are seeing 
stacktraces instead of our custom error pages.

Thanks for any assistance.


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