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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 16001] - Tag.release() not invoked
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 08:36:36 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> I saw just the opposite.  Jasper2 with tag-pooling was a real dog (the time
> spent in synchronized methods to maintain the pool completely swamped any
> benefit from GC).  After patching my copy to make don't-tag-pool the default
> (since there isn't any way to do this in the config :( ), then Tomcat
> 4.1/Jasper2 was about 60% faster that Tomcat 3.3/Jasper1 when I 'ab'
> benchmarked it against one of my more complex pages.

There's a switch in the conifguration to enable/disable tag pooling, 
actually. I'm quite sure it works fine.

Personally, some quick test I had done showed tag pooling to be fatster 
on my configuration.


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