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From Glenn Olander <>
Subject Re: Duplicate session IDs are *common*
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:30:47 GMT
Here's a follow-up on the bug report I submitted that started this thread.

1) We confirmed the problem is a duplicate session id.

Luckily we were logging session id's. It took a lot of hunting through
access logs, but we did indeed find two sessions which were started a
couple of minutes apart, with a number of intervening sessions, which
had duplicate session id's. The pair of sessions corresponded to the user
report of seeing someone else's session data. We're using 4.1.12.

2) I don't believe this is *common*

The problem hasn't been duplicated in our app, so I'm not sure I'd call
this a common problem, but that's a subjective term.

3) I believe this is a serious vulnerability

There should probably be some sort of an alert delivered to tomcat
users to let them know of this problem.

4) A simple patch is available

It is not necessary to use the head version of tomcat to fix the problem.
Simply install your own manager class, which subclasses StandardManager, 
which has the duplicate session id checking implemented. In other words,
a simple patch on an existing tomcat installation can fix this.

5) The strength of the PRNG is largely irrelevant

As a user, I wouldn't trust any solution which lacks a check for
duplicate session id's, regardless of the strength of the PRNG. The head 
revision now includes such a check, so I believe the problem has been solved.
Even the weakest of PRNG's would generate a collision only rarely, so
I wouldn't worry about improving its strength.

- Glenn

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